Archlord 2 closed beta is now live

Webzen just revealed that Archlord 2 has entered closed beta. We still have closed beta keys available for this PvP MMORPG in case you still didn't get yours. We'll have an Archlord 2 first look soon so keep an eye out for our updates.

In the Closed Beta test, players will have access to a total of 5 servers, based on different regions and languages. They can select between two different factions with one race supporting each faction. Character progression will be capped at Level 30 and there will be a character wipe after the CBT ends. More information can be found here.

Archlord 2 has a classless character system that allows every player to find his role in combat according to the preferred weapon type. There are four different weapon types, reflecting the number of character archetypes or combat roles available to players. Equipping a weapon of a specific type will give players access to a set of skills that correspond to a specific archetype. Using weapons of a certain type will build proficiency with that weapon type and allow players to access additional passive and active skills.

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