Arctic Combat update will bring new mode, map, weapons and more

Webzen revealed the details of the upcoming patch for the free-to-play shooter Arctic Combat. Available on the 27th December, the patch adds a new game mode, a new map, two new weapons and a new skill.

Explosion is the new game mode which combines the well-known Search & Destroy and Team Deathmatch modes. Each team must utilise both offensive and defensive gameplay to fight to obtain and plant the single bomb on the opposing team’s bomb site. Once dead, players can respawn and continue their assault or defense accordingly.

Repair Yard is the fresh map that will be available. Located in the mountainous regions of Canada, the RSA has constructed military facilities to reinforce both their troops and supplies. Each faction must fight to capture and make use of these strong points.

The ACR assault rifle and Kriss SV sub-machine gun will be available for players along with weapon customisation parts including the Multicam weapon paint and the Micro T1 scope.

Webzen will also introduce a new skill called Quick reload; a passive skill allowing players to reload their weapon magazine faster.

Finally, various events will continue throughout the holiday season with special edition Christmas items filled with holiday spirit, and boost events to earn more experience points and game points.

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