Army Rage announces plans for future changes

The future changes of the free-to-play WWII MMO shooter Army Rage are officially announced, publisher Yacuba Games shares. These exclusive changes are going to be implemented in the game in the following months prior to the official release of the game in Europe. Army Rage is currently in the final stages of its open beta and its European servers are also open for players all over the world.

The most important upcoming changes include:

– Clans– Army Rage will soon have Clans! This is one of the most anticipated new options and we will soon make it available to all players.

– Weapons customization – we will start to gradually introduce the weapons customization options in Army Rage, this is going to be the first step prior to the official release of the game.

– Improved quick join and a new team join function – this will make it easier for you to join a game on your own or quickly find where your friends are and join their battles.

– Missions, achievements, 2D tutorial – these will help you learn, track and advance in the game easier than before and win special rewards in the process.

– New Lobby Interface – it will take the game to a whole new level. The intuitive interface will help players find details about their game easier and also introduces many new features, such as improved buddy functions, room navigation, brand new shop and armory and a revolutionary messaging center.

– RAGE Abilities – a few of these unique options will affect your whole team and will make your game play experience a lot more intense and exciting.

– New big map– you will be able to play King of the Hill mode on it.

– New costume category– Face and two costume items for it.

– Stamina – your soldier will get tired if you run for too long and jump too often.

– Ping filter – this function will provide automatic match for players with different ping rates to make sure all players will be able to experience Army Rage in an optimal way.

– Conventional items – change nickname, reset kill/death ratio, hide from ranking, and many others.

– New weapons – Army Rage will provide you with more legendary WWII combat weapons in the following weeks, some of which are:
• PPSh 41 Sub-Machine Gun, available for the free Army Rage currency (coins) at level 38
• L2 Combat Wrench, available for coins at level 31
• PTRD 41 Anti-Tank Rifle, available for coins at level 29
• Mauser M1918 Anti-Tank Rifle, available for coins at level 19
• PPSh 41 Sub-Machine Gun with a drum magazine, available for coins at level 38
• T20 Auto rifle RARE, available in Treasury at level 15
• MP-41 RARE, available in Treasury at level 35

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