ARPG Undecember launch set for early 2022 for PC and Mobile

Undecember launch

Line Games just announced the opening of Undecember's global pre-registration and Steam page. The hack and slash RPG seems to be tailored for fans of Diablo and even those who are waiting for Lost Ark, with a grim world and relentless combat. Developed by Need Games for PC and mobile and supporting cross-platform play, the Undecember launch is first scheduled for South Korea on January 13 and in early 2022 for global territories.

Undecember will be available on Steam, Play Store and iOS store with controller support and a UI that is designed to make the most of each platform. It will launch as free-to-play with a battle pass, along with cosmetic and convenience items for players to purchase.

Set in a dark fantasy world of Traum, players will embark on a journey to stop the Evil God Serpens from resurrecting and slash their ways through fearsome enemy hordes. Undecember allows players to break free from the traditional RPG class system: players will build and customize their characters in their own playstyles, as they farm and craft wide variety of gears and thousands of Rune skill combinations.

Undecember features a campaign mode divided in several acts, as well as rich multiplayer contents to dive in, including co-op Chaos Dungeon, Raid, Spire of Barrier (defense mode), Crusade of Glory (PvP), and Guild War through continuous updates.

The new Undecember showcase below details many of the game's features and improvements that were released after the test held back in October.

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