Aura Kingdom gets first major update, new Brawler class

The free-to-play MMORPG Aura Kingdom (play here) is getting its first major content update, introducing a new class, the Brawler, pushing the number up to nine classes. Brawlers tear through enemies at melee range while wearing sharp claws as their weapon of choice. Their gameplay revolves around building secondary resources called Earth and Sky charges to increase the effectiveness of their strongest abilities. Like the other classes, Brawlers can synergize with certain secondary weapons to unlock new devastating combo skills.

This update also marks the beginning of the new Sky Tower raid. This intense new raid challenges up to 40 players to ascend through increasingly difficult floors full of formidable enemies and all-powerful bosses. The first 10 floors of the Sky Tower are now available, with subsequent floors planned for release in future patches.

Players can also expect new zones such as Oblitus Wood and Star Sand Desert with a host of new quests, while Ghostweep Cave and Ozymand Temple bring some new bosses. The update also introduces “Otherworld” versions of previous dungeons, complete with new gear and retuned for max-level players.

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