Aura Kingdom update brings new maps, dungeon and partner system

A new patch for the free anime MMORPG Aura Kingdom will bring more content to the world of Azuria, Aeria Games has revealed. New maps, a new dungeon and features such as a partner system are introduced, as well as improvements to the weapons system.

The new maps are exclusive for players over level 60. The adventurous can explore the Vulture’s Vale, a ruined city now being reclaimed by the jungle. This map offers daily quests in which players can earn valuable badges and XP. It is guarded by a World Boss, who appears at random on the map. Dragon Points and other loot are up for grabs to those who can destroy him. The snowy town of Blizzard Berg also hides a World Boss and offers even more chances for XP, loot and adventure.

Also new is a dungeon called the Landing of the Sky Dragon King. At Level 65, players can enter the dungeon in teams of five and make their way through a series of three different bosses before reaching the Sky Dragon King himself in final combat, collecting loot and Dragon Points along the way.

With the new partner system, you can team up with other players to destroy monsters faster and add to a stock of all-new intimacy points. These intimacy points build up during partnered quests and help boost other rewards such as loyalty points, bonus XP and Dragon Points. Players who log in for multiple days in a row can also secure automatic rewards.

The official teaser page has all the details, including screenshots of the new areas.

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