Auto Club Revolution opens Rent-a-Car service

You’re so poor that you can’t buy a decent car even in a videogame? Well, Auto Club Revolution has just the solution for you – a Car Rental system!

Just like in the real world, players of Auto Club Revolution are now able to buy or, for the first time, rent cars that they’ve always dreamed of racing. Players can choose from a selection of cars from the entire Auto Club Revolution showroom and provides the option for players to rent for one, three or five days. The available models will be changed regularly allowing players to sample the widest possible range of the fully licensed cars available throughout the game. It’s also a way for players to sample cars before they buy them.

To celebrate the launch of car rentals, the team has added a new social feature designed to allow players to challenge their friends in lap time competitions on any of the officially licensed or custom race tracks in Auto Club Revolution. This feature is the first asynchronous lap time competition and gives players the chance to set lap times on a track and then challenge a friend to beat it, but at a time of their convenience.

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