A.V.A: Dog Tag closed beta is live in North America and Europe

AVA Dog Tag closed beta

Online multiplayer shooter A.V.A Dog Tag is back with the start of the closed beta in North America and Europe. Developer Red Duck is now taking full control of its game for the first time, which hopefully will translate into complete freedom and valuable creative decisions with the community feedback.

The closed beta will run until September 18 and you can sign up at the official website. The closed beta features two game modes, Annihilation mode and Demolition mode, with more game modes in the works for release over the coming months. Annihilation provides a classic Team Deathmatch experience, while Demolition pits two factions against one another. Players can choose from three classes: Point Man, Sniper and Rifleman.

Red Duck has implemented a roadmap detailing all of its plans for the coming months.

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