BattleCry is Bethesda’s free team-based action game

Battlecry Studios and Bethesda just announced BattleCry, a free-to-play team-based online action game supporting up to 32-player battles. Played  in third-person perspective, BattleCry's art style was directed by Viktor Antonov, of Half-Life 2 and Dishonored fame. The steampunk-ish and highly -stylized environments meld perfectly with the colorful and slightly cartoonish characters, making for an apparently successful mix of Team Fortress 2 visuals with the feverish urban imagination of Dishonored.

So far two factions were announced: the Royal Marines and the Cossacks. The game is said to privilege skill, timing, and teamwork to create a diverse gameplay experience where verticality plays an important part. The beta is planned for 2015 and you can watch the announcement trailer as well as the first screenshots below. The official site is here and offers more info on classes.

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