Battlerite: declining player numbers and the future of the acclaimed brawler

In a long post, Stunlock Studios told players a bit about the hit arena brawler Battlerite and how two months into early access, it holds an impressive overall score of 95% for English language reviews. The studio talks about Battlerite as a success beyond their wildest imagination and how 400 000 players have chosen Battlerite, a game that currently has servers in 16 locations around the world and supports 11 languages.

But one of the most important topics of the post is some player concern about the declining number of Battlerite players. For some, it may seem worrying, but for others used to this cycle, we know how a few weeks/months after the initial hype, every game will begin showing its true nature with the real average of players. Nothing to be scared of, even more when we're talking about a game with such high reviews and that will launch as free-to-play in a few months – expect another boost in player numbers, and probably a colossal one, when this happens.

Stunlock shares a few plans for the future, which will obviously include new champions, but also tools to improve and support tournaments, improving the matchmaking and ranking system, champion balance, an improved news feed in-game, recruiting English-native employees to answer your various questions on social media and possibly developing a web-based news feed system.

You can read the entire news post here.

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