Bethesda shows Quake Champions new raw gameplay trailer

Quake Champions free steam download

Are you sick and tired of all those beautiful, meticulous trailers where you're only shown what the developers want? Well then, we have good news for you, you little sad, nit-picking human being. Bethesda has just release a raw gameplay trailer of Quake Champions where you can see some uninterrupted gameplay of the character Anarki. Take a good look at the user interface, which is pretty clean and intuitive, and marvel at the lightning-fast gameplay which is the trademark of the Quake series.

Quake Champions enters closed beta on April 6 and it's free-to-play, although you're limited to a single champion, the Ranger. It's probably going to be a Ranger-fest for a while, until everyone decides to buy the full game or move on to other shooters.

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