BioWare announces new free to play cross-platform Ultima RPG

The anticipated BioWare announcement is out there and it is sure to please as many fans as it will enrage. Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is the new free-to-play online RPG based on the popular franchise that still lives on in the long-running Ultima Online (it’s been an amazing 14 years and counting). The game has been announced for PC and iPad and is basically a remake of the 1985 game Ultima IV. No specifics were yet given on the cross-platform part.

Now, why would someone rage against the return of this revered franchise and moreover in F2P form? Well, the game is announced as an action-RPG, where the player accepts the challenges of Lady British (Lord British is now more interested in travelling to the moon and such) and, as a Fighter or a Mage, travels alone or with friends to “restore virtue and become the Avatar”.

The official website is already open and accepting beta sign-ups at

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