Shadow Realms: BioWare’s new online RPG is a 4 vs 1 affair

After a few teasers, BioWare and Electronic Arts have finally revealed the game that the Austin studio is working on. Shadow Realms is the name of this online action RPG, a PC exclusive, and it “revolves around Co-Op 4v1 Shadowlord PvP”, being inspired by the old pen-and-paper games. It's pretty much a dungeon crawler, as BioWare acknowledges.

Shadow Realms is set in both modern day Earth and the parallel world of Embra. The heroes, of which are 7 playable classes so far (warrior, assassin, wizard, ranger, warlock, cleric and Shadowlord) possess “flexible RPG style character progression and customization” while the dungeon master, known as Shadowlord (which also “has broad progression and customization”), is responsible for “haunting them, setting traps, casting spells, summoning monsters, and controlling any monster in the level.” Shadowlords are in the battle with the Hero characters, sharing the third-person view and controls, they're not just some disembodied presence like in games such as Dungeon Keeper.

Sign-ups for the closed alpha are already open at the official website. While everything points to Shadow Realms being a free-to-play game, there's still no confirmation on the business model.

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