Black Desert: final Korean closed beta begins tomorrow

The third and final Black Desert Online Korean closed beta test will begin tomorrow and will last until September 28th. The open beta should come in just a few months, possibly before the end of this year. Over 230,000 players applied to this closed beta test but only 50,000 players were selected, along with members of the worldwide press (we will be playing and showing you how Black Desert is improving)  – the previous beta had around 30,000 players. This time the servers won't be closed, they will be live 24h/day.

The Black Desert third beta will bring many improvements and additions, including a pet system and an armor dyeing system, among other things.

Daum Games, the Korean publisher, surprised the gaming community by revealing they would also be the publishers of the North American and European versions of Black Desert. The studio currently is setting up offices in North America so they can properly operate the North American and European servers. The Black Desert Western open beta is planned for early 2015.

This is the perfect time for you to get up to speed on Black Desert Online. Watch our Black Desert hands-on impressions below so you know everything about the previous Korean closed beta.

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