Black Desert new trailer, screens and official website

Pearl Abyss released a new teaser trailer for the highly anticipated MMORPG Black Desert, as well as a bunch of new screenshots and the official Korean website.

While the trailer remains impressive, with all the horse-riding and combat, it doesn’t bring anything particularly new that we haven’t seen in the two previous trailers. The novelties are saved for the screenshots, which display some of the characters, once again in amazing detail, only this time we get to see some of the customization and different outfits. Check some of the different hairstyles and facial features and cross your fingers so that the character creation system is very in-depth. You should know by now that the characters aren’t gender locked anymore.

The official Korean website is here, in case you want to take a peek. The closed beta should begin in Korea – players from other regions are most likely locked out – next fall.

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