Black Desert Online: more info on this amazing-looking MMO

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When the first trailer for Black Desert Online was revealed, jaws dropped to the ground. Although we had some info on this upcoming MMORPG, details weren’t exactly abundant. Now, interviewed the developers and came out with new info.

To begin with, the amazing scenarios in the trailer are part of a seamless world. The classes known so far are Fighters, Sorcerers, Beasts, and Tamers, but these names may not be the final ones. Optional PvP is expected and an interesting addition is the items that are bind to the player and won’t drop if you’re killed by other player. Combat is very much action-oriented and Pearl Abyss, the studio developing Black Desert Online is going for a great inspiration in our book – Rockstar’s acclaimed western Red Dead Redemption. Besides dodging and block, there’s horse-drifting, part of the battle and movement system that you could take a glimpse at in the first trailer.

But Black Desert Online is still a long time away from launch – the Korean beta should begin sometime in 2013.

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