Black Gold’s business model is save or lose your rare loot

Snail Game just announced a new kind of free-to-play model for the MMORPG Black Gold Online. While this new plan was announced for China only for the time being, it should also be expected in the North American version of the fantasy steampunk MMO.

You can play Black Gold and progress for a few hours, collecting different loot and all that jazz. So, what's the catch? Well, your high level loot isn't exactly yours – it will go to a save file and then you'll decide if you want to keep the items (rare materials or high level equipment) or discard them entirely. You save your loot by using in-game gold, bought with real-life cash. You'll be able to purchase the last one, two, four or six hours of loot, as well as using a system called “try your luck” to lower the cost of the save through some sort of gamble.

Things like experience and PvP rank will remain even if the player decides not to keep the save, so all is not lost.

What is your opinion on this new kind of monetization model?

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