Blacklight Retribution: win $1,000 dollars a day

Blacklight: Retribution

What’s better than playing a solid and addictive shooter such as Blacklight: Retribution for free? What about getting the chance to earn $1,000 dollars a day during 30 days? That’s exactly what the '30 Days of Fight' event is all about. The event will run from Thursday, August 16 through Friday, September 14.

During the '30 Days of Fight' event, players who complete a match in the critically acclaimed, free-to-play online FPS Blacklight: Retribution, will receive one ticket. Those who win a match will receive two tickets. At the end of each day, a random drawing will be held to determine who will walk home $1,000 dollars richer. More tickets mean more chances to win.  Blacklight Retribution players are encouraged to complete and win as many matches as possible to increase their chances of winning.

To learn more about the '30 Days of Fight' event head to

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