Blade and Soul gets swimsuit 2013 collection

If you're sick of all the fighting and running in the Korean version of Blade & Soul then this NCsoft proposition is just for you: the summer 2013 swimsuit collection. You can get these swimsuits, both in male and female variants and enjoy the sun, sand and go for a swim. The trailers show just how far the sexiness in this game is going.

However, the swimsuits come at a high cost: $45. You can always get them by completing a lot of daily dungeons and obtaining a slice of watermelon, pretty much tokens that can be used to trade for the swimsuits. Problem is doing this is a very difficult thing and by the end of the event you may not have the necessary slices to get the set. So, take a look at the trailer and see if it's worth your complete devotion or your $45.

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