Blade & Soul teases upcoming content, Warlock class included

Blade & Soul just launched a couple of days ago and NCsoft is already teasing what is to come with a trailer where pictures speak a lot louder than words. The official description helps a bit but by the end of the trailer we can take a glimpse of the Warlock class, meaning that this should be the first of the new classes to join the existing roster:

“As your journey in Blade & Soul is just beginning, you’ll face many challenges throughout your exploration of the Earthen Realm. The vexatious Vice Admiral Poharan—the current pinnacle of high-level content—will be a formidable roadblock on your path to the mastery of your martial art, and your ultimate vengeance on Jinsoyun. Defeating Poharan is certainly the first of many such conflicts with the Blackram Pirates, and also marks only the first of a number of challenging new pieces of content heading to Blade & Soul over the coming months.”

If you're still not playing Blade and Soul, you can sign up for free here and have a go at one of the biggest MMORPGs of 2016.

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