Blade & Soul Unreal Engine 4 update release date revealed

Blade Soul Unreal Engine 4 update release date

NCsoft has finally revealed the long-awaited Blade & Soul Unreal Engine 4 update release date. Instead of the vague 2021 or Q3 2021 that we got in the past, we now have the final date. Unless some kind of delay rears its ugly head, but let's hope not. Blade and Soul received its engine upgrade in Korea a few months ago, and soon it will be playable by every fan in North America and Europe.

The Blade & Soul Unreal 4 upgrade is set to release on September 8, 2021. But it's not just on a graphical level that we'll see the improvements – the update also enhances network optimization, add new systems, and even brings a new playable class, the Dual Blade. With two sharp blades that move at lightning speed, players will be able to slice and dice their way through any combat situation. Embodying the definition of “the best defense is a good offense,” the Dual Blade uses agile movement and relentless attacks to incapacitate enemies. Mastery of the Dual Blade class is poetry in motion, as smooth, fluid combos will bring them to the crossroads of life and death.

In case you want to improve your experience in the refined Blade & Soul, there are Revival packs waiting for your purchase. They come in three flavors – Apprentice, Master, and Grandmaster – and include various days of premium membership, bonus items, and more, depending on the pack.

Watch the new trailer for the Blade and Soul Unreal Engine 4 update below.

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