Bless is coming to North America and Europe, but when?

Bless Online TwitchCon 2017

Great news, everyone! According to Bless Source, Bless: Embers in the Storm, more commonly known as Bless Online is coming to North America and Europe. The news was confirmed by the Neowiz Games Business Manager, saying that the publishing contracts are in the final stage. While this is great to hear after a few years of silence, there's not much extra info and not even a sight of a release window, but we're hoping that in a couple of months we'll know a lot more.

The same portal also mentions a rumor that Black Desert Online publisher Daum Games could turn out to be Bless' publisher in western territories, but it's just speculation at the moment.

Bless Online recently entered open beta in Korea and while this is a stunning game, the overall impressions is that combat still needs a lot of work.

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