Bless you: Neowiz’s MMORPG delayed indefinitely for improvements

Bless Online releases on Steam

Bless is one more proof that looks aren't everything. This ambitious Unreal Engine 3 powered MMORPG had everyone impressed with its visuals, but gameplay-wise, things weren't as convincing – some called it overly familiar, others criticized the sometimes flat combat. It looks like Neowiz already had intended to improve the game, but this time Bless is actually being postponed indefinitely while the studio works on nine major points: server technology, user interface, character customization, quest system, and combat (movement, dungeon difficulty, and so on) (thanks MMOCulture).

A small Focus Group Test will resume in December, but right now it's uncertain just how long the planned improvements will delay the game (which still doesn't have a western release confirmed). On the other hand, kudos to Neowiz for actually trying to fix the game elements instead of releasing Bless as is and then act surprised as to why it didn't work out.

We already had our criticisms based on the Bless beta, so it seems that our judgment on the game was fair:

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