Brick Force official launch, when you see it you’ll shoot bricks

Infernum has announced that the free-to-play sandbox shooter Brick Force is officially launched. The game can be played in a browser or downloaded.

With over 1 million registered players, Brick Force now offers several new features, from the item upgrade system to the completely re-designed interface, including some refined game mechanics.

There’s even a new PvP mode called ‘Build ‘n Destroy’, with two opposing teams on the same map, who are separated from each other by an opaque wall for a predetermined time. During this phase, it’s all about building – before the countdown runs out and the wall comes down, each available second has to be used to place bricks in strategic, defensive positions. As soon as time is up, the opponents’ side of the map becomes visible and the Brick-Gun is swapped for live ammunition. It´s now up to everyone to overcome the rival team’s turrets, trenches and obstacles to bring the foes to their knees with bravery and skill. During a match, up to 5 build phases which gives each team the opportunity can be used to keep working on one’s own side of the map. Whoever has the most kills by the end of each session wins the match.

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