‘Brutal Royale’ game Dying Light: Bad Blood is now on Steam Early Access

Dying Light: Bad Blood Steam Early Access

Techland's ‘Brutal Royale' game Dying Light: Bad Blood is now on Steam Early Access. To play this game, however, you have to purchase a Founder's Pack or wait for the official free-to-play release. Dying Light: Bad Blood is going to remain in Early Access for approximately 4 to 6 months, which means that the official release is planned for early 2019.

This spin-off of the Dying Light series places 12 contestants in the middle of a zombie-ridden arena. Focusing heavily on parkour movement and melee combat, Bad Blood includes AI-controlled zombies to fight and blood samples to collect before the player is able to escape on the rescue helicopter. It's a clever mix of PvP and PvE elements.

You can watch the Steam Early Access trailer below and our Dying Light: Bad Blood first look gameplay video.

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