Bullet Run official launch, don’t call it Hedone

Sony Online Entertainment just announced that the free-to-play shooter Bullet Run is out of beta and officially launched.

This futuristic first-person shooter was announced back in May, but those of you who are more observant will surely have spotted something funny with the game – Bullet Run is in fact a game that was previously known as Hedone, as developed by Acony.

The game’s creative director Jan-Eric Lauble said “We have watched this game grow from an idea to a complete experience. The level of detail we put in the game — from the competitive gunplay features to the unique storyline — will offer players an experience they have yet to find in the FPS world.”

Bullet Run pits players in a reality TV setting where kills are important, but style is also essential to become the most famous contestant. The setting isn’t unlike S4 League, another F2P shooter where style is part of the game. Check the official site for more info.

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