Bullet Run stops running, shuts down on March 8

Sony Online Entertainment and Acony decided it was time to shut down the free-to-play online FPS Bullet Run. As some of you may recall, this game was called Hedone before SOE stepped in. Players entered in a reality TV show where looking cool was everything… that and shooting other players.

Here’s what SOE had to say on the official forums, among other details such as refunds:

“Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and Acony Games have decided to sunset the game and end all game services for Bullet Run on March 8, 2013. We would like to thank the players for their dedication and support of the game.”

Launched at the end of July 2012, Bullet Run didn’t last an entire year. SOE does have PlanetSide 2 to bet on for many years, so it’s not a bad thing for players.

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