Bullet Run stops running, shuts down on March 8

Sony Online Entertainment and Acony decided it was time to shut down the free-to-play online FPS Bullet Run. As some of you may recall, this game was called Hedone before SOE stepped in. Players entered in a reality TV show where looking cool was everything… that and shooting other players.

Here’s what SOE had to say on the official forums, among other details such as refunds:

“Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and Acony Games have decided to sunset the game and end all game services for Bullet Run on March 8, 2013. We would like to thank the players for their dedication and support of the game.”

Launched at the end of July 2012, Bullet Run didn’t last an entire year. SOE does have PlanetSide 2 to bet on for many years, so it’s not a bad thing for players.

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  • MohamedKhails

    I think it`s the best thing to do.. you know to work hard on Planet Side 2 ..It wasn`t Good fps game any way !.. that`s my opinion 🙂

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  • 😛

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  • nightcodex

    Can someone email me why they stop bullet run?


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  • nightcodex

    Dear SOE

    ………………………………. Well ****

    And here we were finally making Progress, and you go and shut it down because. What? It’s not making enough money, Well whose fault is that!

    BR is like a back alley game, you have to actually Search to find it. While you have Planetside 2 all over the front page of Steam, but no mention of BR anywhere even on the SOE page.

    So, what, you’re going to shut down the Servers, and that’s it…….. No more game……. Added to your collection of failed games over the years.

    And what of our progress in the game. You make the first steps to a global progression/ranking system, and then shut it down before it has time to take off. And I guess in 2 years you will bring it back out. Make it seem new and exciting. OR, are you going to merge it with more crap you have in a pile and spit out a game.

    This game had so much potential. And a loyal Fan base, and guess what, you just lost every one of them because of your dumb mistakes.

    And, Why march? You tell us this now, yet you are going to waste money leaving the game up for another month. Just take it down now. Not even the most loose person with their money ever would buy into a game that’s going away. Just take it down now. Save yourself the trouble of Paying for a game you already Deem Unsatisfactory.

    Lastly, Danny, I feel sorry for you as well. I know you liked this game almost as much as we did. So I’m sure you feel sad to see it go as well.

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