Jagex’s Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is shutting down

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends shut down

Now that the Battle Royale games are the new craze, it's time for the previous trend to pay the toll: collectible card games. Jagex's Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is one of those and is shutting down in August 2018.

While Chronicle: RuneScape Legends wasn't by far the worst of the CCGs available out there, Jagex is going to shut it down in August 6, 2018. The studio cites multiple technical issues that are preventing them from delivering a continuous quality game experience, attributing this to client and server tech. However, a quick look at Steamcharts also shows that the average Chronicle: RuneScape Legends players for the last 30 days was… 8. As in eight players. And it's been like that for nearly a year, so no one in their right minds could blame Jagex for giving up on the game.

You can still play the game, but the option to purchase Platinum was already removed, and the game was just taken off Steam.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends added a nice twist to the CCG genre, with a board game and two players that were throwing obstacles at each other in a more complex, less intuitive way. This looked nice at first, but ditching the classic and practical top view of successful card games such as Hearthstone was probably one of the reasons why it failed. It's like you don't want the same over and over, but you also don't want something different, guys. Just make up your mind, okay?

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