City of Steam shuts down, returns in November

While City of Steam was praised for being one of the most beautiful browser-based MMORPGs and it was a nice game overall, publisher R2Games didn't manage to get enough players to keep the game running and decided to shut it down on November 21st.

However, developer Mechanist Games got the game back and are planning a relaunch also for November, with a new subtitle: City of Steam: Arkadia. The official site has the new logo and announcement as well as details on Mechanist Games' plans, which includes developing “new content, new features, new systems, massive change to the economy and statistics, new equipment and cosmetics, new quests and an overhaul of most of the level art and main quests. Some features will be removed. There will also be a massive flying fortress for characters of any level to congregate in.”

Did you try City of Steam and think it needed this kind of overhaul so soon?

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