Cliff Bleszinski says Epic is poaching Boss Key employees for Fortnite

Radical Heights battle royale

Oh, look, Cliff Bleszinski is back. It seemed a bit odd when Radical Heights was announced without any mention of the famous Gears of War creator, but now he's back… with a vengeance. Or, at the very least, with some accusations to his previous home, Epic Games.

Cliff went over to Twitter to say the following:

That's quite an accusation, right? I mean, is Epic Games “hiring away” his team, probably to work on Fortnite, and leave Boss Key Productions understaffed for their incredibly original Radical Heights project? On the surface, Radical Heights does look a lot like Fortnite, and while there are obvious gameplay differences, it's hard to deny the similarities.

The tweet stirred quite a bit of controversy, with people (some of them devs) saying that “You should always try to hire the best, Cliff. If you want to keep your people you gotta keep em real happy”, or “Should employees looking for better career opportunities feel ashamed about it, or do @epicgames headhunters hunt with actual spears? I don't think industry professionals should feel publicly pressured to work against their own self-interests. They're people, not pawns.”

Of course, with the failure of LawBreakers and the prospect of one more Battle Royale game that could either be great or end up dying in a year, it's understandable if some Boss Key employees are worried about their stability. Or could this be Cliff Bleszinski taking another shot at viral marketing for Radical Heights? Not that he hasn't admitted before that he should stay quiet instead of doing these controversial statements…

With just these bits of info at our disposal, who do you think is right in this issue, Cliff or Epic Games?

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