Closers Online is on its way to North America

Closers Online is coming to North America and Europe

It's been quite a while already for Closers Online in South Korea, China and Japan and we still didn't get an announcement concerning a North American and European release, just a few hints such as an official page in English language and some English files discovered in the game's code. However, today may be the day when the localization was revealed, although still in an unofficial manner.

The story goes as follows. A couple of days ago wrote a post recently about CODE: Closers, a private English server, but today the developer of Closers Online, Naddic Games, has reached out and asked to remove the news post about the private server, having some legitimate concerns about players being led into thinking it was an official server. Naddic Games “confirmed that they're working to get the game launched in North America and are concerned that the private server will negatively impact their official launch”, but we're not sure if this was an official statement from the studio or just conclusion about the whole thing.

We're pretty sure that this move is tied to the upcoming localization of Closers Online, but there's no way to know if an official announcement is coming soon or if it's still going to take a while, and we can't even guess if Naddic Games will publish itself or sign a deal with other publisher. No matter what, we consider this great news as Closers Online sits right up there with the games that we truly wanted to see released in English, and it's also one damn fine anime action MMORPG from some of the people that brought us Elsword Online.

We'll keep following this matter as closely as we can.

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