Conquer Online 3 new graphics, still chinese

Conquer Online 3 is the sequel to the popular Conquer Online 2.0 and will include several enhancements, as well as new elements. With a promised simpler control, a new balance for classes and new graphics, Conquer Online 3 will also see the Battle Power feature erradicated.

In addition to the game system, the graphics of Conquer Online3 will also be enhanced to a higher level. Holding up to the Chinese hand-painted style, the world of Conquer Online 3 will be portrayed more elaborately to make every detail of the environment vivid. Compared with the current game, the landscape of ancient China is more delicately displayed in a realistic style with mysterious oriental martial arts elements added in.

Conquer Online 3 has also launched its official website. Although the game is still in development, information and warm-up events will keep coming on

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