Conquer Online new expansion Jiang Hu: The Chaotic Age launches

The new expansion for Conquer Online, Jiang Hu: The Chaotic Age, is finally making its debut on July 25th. As the biggest expansion this year for Conquer Online, it brings several new concepts.

In Conquer Online, PvP is the main feature that many gamers find appealing. For this expansion, a brand new PK mode has been introduced, “Jiang Hu Mode”, which will provide a structure that classifies players by their strengths and weaknesses in battle, and will hold the attention of every player who chooses to walk the path of the Jiang Hu.

In order to encourage players to take part in the action, this Jiang Hu mode has been made different from other PvP modes. Instead of giving PK points as a penalty for normal PKing, the players will be rewarded by their PvP activities against others, offerring chances at power and prizes.

This expansion also presents an exciting new feature, the Skill Soul. Unlike traditional MMO games, players will be given a chance to create and name their own skills, giving the opportunity to showcase their own unique style in the game world. Not only can you name the skills you create, but there are also options to customize the appearance of your skill, adding to the customization possibilities.

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