Crossout The Garage Episode 2 focuses on tanks and weapon combos


The second episode of the Garage series from Crossout is live and starts with a detailed description of the Old Town map. After that it's time for a test drive, which in this episode focuses on tanks – we have already showed you some of the brilliant tank creations from Crossout players.

The third section is about weapons and the combos that you can do with them. There are a few tips for you, including some vehicle parts and the faction that you should get them from, or the best combo for close combat: a shotgun and a melee weapon, such as explosive spears.

The episode ends with community questions, and one of the players asked about the possibility of a free building mode, where all parts are available just to goof around. The answer is no, Crossout is meant as a solid and connected world where players have to master the three parts of the motto: craft, ride and destroy. Shucks.

Watch the video below.

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