Crossout The Garage Episode 2 focuses on tanks and weapon combos


The second episode of the Garage series from Crossout is live and starts with a detailed description of the Old Town map. After that it's time for a test drive, which in this episode focuses on tanks – we have already showed you some of the brilliant tank creations from Crossout players.

The third section is about weapons and the combos that you can do with them. There are a few tips for you, including some vehicle parts and the faction that you should get them from, or the best combo for close combat: a shotgun and a melee weapon, such as explosive spears.

The episode ends with community questions, and one of the players asked about the possibility of a free building mode, where all parts are available just to goof around. The answer is no, Crossout is meant as a solid and connected world where players have to master the three parts of the motto: craft, ride and destroy. Shucks.

Watch the video below.

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  • CashInBitcoinOut

    Why does this site keep calling them “tanks”? They’re cars/trucks.

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    • I beg to differ. It’s not just us, as the very developers call them “tanks”…

      “This time, the choice fell on tanks”

      Sure, at heart they’re cars, or armored vehicles, but these are ultimately tanks, or look like it.

      But you do seem to know a lot about Crossout. 🙂

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      • CashInBitcoinOut

        Your pic even calls them “Armored cars”. There are a small sub-set of vehicles in crossout that are “tanks”, but those can only be built from parts from the “top end” faction, stepphen wolf. But over all, the devs call them cars. (I’ve never seen them referred to as tank, by anyone, ever, until I saw your first article calling them tanks… then this follow up.)
        And, as a free player that’s saved up for dual legendary weapons, ya… I’ve played it quite a bit. ^_^

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