Crytek confident on making free-to-play AAA work

Warface Chernobyl map

Crytek seems to be heavily confident in the future, after revealing that the studio pretends to focus solely on free-to-play games, even after Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo rejected Warface.

But what kind of free-to-play AAA games should we expect? Multiplayer-only offerings such as the aforementioned Warface? Or will single-player games also be a part of the equation, as The Guardian sharply questioned?

Apparently, Yerli is confident that they will find a way to make those games work, even if we we’re talking about a game similar to Crysis 3. He added that for each game there’s a solution to be found and that is a creative challenge, nothing else.

Yerli believes so much in this future that he feels that letting gamers get the games for free is the way to go, adding that what’s best for the gamer is best for the industry, ending with heavy burdens such as legal notices and copyright protection.

Now, Crytek just needs to prove its theory by creating a game that steps out of the usual FPS comfort zone.

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