Crytek conspiracy: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo against F2P?

I smell a conspiracy. Just a few weeks after Crytek saying that they are going free-to-play in the future, now Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli reinforces the idea and states that the platform holders just aren’t willing to accept digital-only and free-to-play online games.

Cevat Yerli told CVG that free-to-play online games aren’t widespread on consoles due to reluctance shown from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Although Crytek sees the future of consoles as free-to-play, that vision isn’t shared by the console manufacturers. He even says that Crytek approached them about bringing free-to-play PC shooter Warface to consoles and the answer was unenthusiastic:

“Eighteen months ago we talked to Microsoft about doing a free-to-play version of Warface, and then again 12 months ago, and then again six months ago. It was the same with Nintendo and Sony.”

Cevat Yerli adds that the way to solve this is by discovering how Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and others can cut ties with retail, highlighting retail as the major problem in the industry.

What is your opinion about a digital-only future and where most games are free-to-play?

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  • neversawthestars

    I understand Nintendo and Microsoft not being game. One is a completly closed system and the other couldn’t handle the task. Now something tells me crytek is leaving some key info out since Sony has 3 free to play games out right now. Dc universe online, free realms and dust514 currently in beta. Hell even guild wars 2 has been talking openly about ps3 being next up. I call bs

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    • FreeMMOStation

      A couple of games are a good start but it’s not enough. Rejecting Warface doesn’t sound like a good strategy to me and soon we’ll see more and more announcements about F2P by Sony and Microsoft (who recently announced Ascend: New Gods as F2P). I doubt Nintendo will be as open to it though.

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  • amsterdam

    free to play sounds to good to be true…
    i think they’re gonna add advertisements in games… and maybe force it in a way onto you..
    and in some occasions they might even leave you no other choice then to buy some accessoires to be able to continue the game… they gotta get their money out of it somehow.. and I ain’t waiting for sucha things.. I don’t wanna interupt my game to buy something.. and having to think about how much credit i got left.
    Being able to play so many games for free whenever you want sounds good,but… how many games are you REALLy gonna play… cause normally you buy the one you’re really interested in. So what’s the added value of being able to play the other ones you weren’t planning to play anyway?

    Besides that how many games would fit on your console harddrive? Cloud gaming ain’t optimal yet,
    most people ain’t got the super fast internet connection to be able to stream full hd.. imagine when we switch over to 4k2… that’s gonna be crazy

    Why not go for a inbetween option? lower the game prices to half, and give people options to buy xtra things in game without giving the people the feeling they’re in a gameshop forcing them to buy items..

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  • MartinB105

    F2P will never completely replace the retail model until someone can make it work for serious single player campaigns without either crippling them by introducing artificial limitations that can only be overcome by spending money or constantly breaking immersion by asking for money.

    Serious players will also hate it because games will end up costing more overall. Even now, digital games almost always cost significantly more than the physical retail counterparts.

    Of course, F2P will further increase the cost to gamers, because the company is looking for ways to make more money and this is the main reason they will choose to use the F2P model.

    In worst-case scenarios, F2P becomes a bottomless pit that takes advantage of weak-minded players. I’ve heard of people spending over $60 just playing Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz on the Vita. Think how many digital games or even older physical retail games that money could buy! Yet people are still falling for it.

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  • tanto

    f2p is worthless and provides nothing but shovelware.

    They are right to deny it

    Because it only works for online shooters with no story

    Phsycial retail sales make up 75 percent of all new game sales

    you think digital is changing that? not a chance

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    • FreeMMOStation

      That’s the common assumption when it comes to free to play and it’s understandable since a lot of games are just trying to rip off gamers.

      However, with the likes of Crytek, Ubisoft and others entering the segment, quality should skyrocket and they need to provide a perfect balance between virtual items and gameplay.

      I do agree with you in part – I don’t think retail is going to end and don’t think it should. They’re two very different things that can perfectly co-exist.

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  • fascist ceo

    The bid 3 only want to rape you for every penny you have and they don’t care how they do it. They are just a bunch of greedy capitalist wankers. I say boycott console until they fall into line like PC gaming. I understand the price of console games is higher to offset the cheaper hardware but not allowing certain games onto the market because they aren’t free to play is very bad business sense.
    I own a 360 but have not played a game on it all year so far. Bollox to console and hurrah for PC with it’s freedom to do as you choose.

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    • FreeMMOStation

      I have to say that I’m right there with you. PC is (and always was) the best entertainment machine and consoles are more and more trying to be cheap PCs. However, why would someone want to buy a PS4 or a Xbox 720 that does less things than a PC, graphics are clearly inferior and games are way more expensive?
      It’s clear that the free-to-play thing on consoles won’t be popular until some mentalities change and, particularly, that the major manufacturers find a good way to profit from it. Until then, it’s just talk and a few studios trying to push it.
      Do you know when consoles will really be free-to-play? When every major studio decides to develop F2P exclusively for PC and leaves them no other choice.

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    • DarthDiggler

      @fascist ceo

      Rhetoric much bro? Rely on cliches a bit there? Care to share any more judgmental tid bits of speculation with us?

      In the day and age of Anonymous and the 99%, I know it is very hard for gamers to fathom the idea that people are in business (all businesses) to make money. The desire for success and profits by no means makes you greedy it is survival.

      I honestly am not all that comfortable with the free to play model. For example in DCUO they offer free to play and subscriptions. I am a subscriber, but now the developers are thinking in a sense of “how can we nickle and dime this” and IMHO when you offer certain pieces of convenience items for 99 cents.

      I really prefer just paying for a quality game where there isn’t a shit ton of “side grades”. I come from the school of thought of “you get what you pay for”.

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