Crytek conspiracy: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo against F2P?

Warface xbox ps4

I smell a conspiracy. Just a few weeks after Crytek saying that they are going free-to-play in the future, now Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli reinforces the idea and states that the platform holders just aren’t willing to accept digital-only and free-to-play online games.

Cevat Yerli told CVG that free-to-play online games aren’t widespread on consoles due to reluctance shown from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Although Crytek sees the future of consoles as free-to-play, that vision isn’t shared by the console manufacturers. He even says that Crytek approached them about bringing free-to-play PC shooter Warface to consoles and the answer was unenthusiastic:

“Eighteen months ago we talked to Microsoft about doing a free-to-play version of Warface, and then again 12 months ago, and then again six months ago. It was the same with Nintendo and Sony.”

Cevat Yerli adds that the way to solve this is by discovering how Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and others can cut ties with retail, highlighting retail as the major problem in the industry.

What is your opinion about a digital-only future and where most games are free-to-play?

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