Dauntless details the seven elements leading up to open beta

Dauntless open beta upcoming

2018 is going to be an awesome year for Dauntless, or so Phoenix Labs is hoping. Keeping up with the open mentality revealed by the public roadmap, the studio has revealed some of the essential points for the road leading to open beta.

The seven elements are vital to the success of Dauntless.

To begin with, the user interface will see more improvements to some menus and interfaces. From the health bar to crafting and more, these systems will be refined. The endgame is another one of the points of interest, or in the case of Dauntless, the Evergame. The developers want to “create compelling content for long-term, high-skill players”, including deadlier behemoths and new mechanics to master.

Slaying behemoths is fun, but players are demanding more ways of interacting with the islands in Dauntless. More systems to make the islands feel alive (for example, “Behemoths should interact with islands, and islands should react to Behemoths”) and exploring them more rewarding and fun. The team is currently working on more customization and style options available through the in-game store, but also unlockable through progression, as they promised Dauntless wouldn't be pay-to-win since day one. Improving performance of the game is another one of the working points, as well as new and better flowing tutorials.

Finally, combat. Phoenix Labs promises “improvements to the fundamentals of combat, improvements to existing weapons, expanding combo variety, and continuing to iterate on the cell system.”

The only thing lacking right now is a Dauntless open beta date. Hopefully it won't take long.


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