DC Universe Online is going free-to-play

Sony Online Entertainment announced that their superhero MMORPG DC Universe Online is going free-to-play in October.

Following on the footsteps of other ‘hero’ games such as Champions Online: Free For All and City of Heroes: Freedom, DC Universe Online will include a free-to-play model for both PC and PS3.

The main justification is that the game is becoming more costly than predicted, with Lorin Jameson telling IGN that the change wasn’t due to a decrease in playerbase.

Premium players will have access to more character and inventory slots, have bigger cash limits and be able of acquiring more downloadable adventure packs, among other things. Legendary players ($15 a month) will have this and more, including the DLC for free, over 15 character slots and 80 inventory slots, along with the capacity to create leagues without a size limit.

It’s a great time to be a virtual superhero!

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