Dirty Bomb: Splash Damage’s new online shooter is F2P?

Dirty Bomb is the upcoming online multiplayer first-person shooter from Splash Damage, the studio that offered us the amazing and free Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, as well as Quake Wars and more recently Brink.

Dirty Bomb is going to be published by WarChest Games and while there’s no word yet if it will be free-to-play, this exclusive PC FPS may be just that. By looking at the sign-up page, there’s this big “Free Stuff is Awesome”, along with “Be among the first to play our new, free games when they come out”. Although not a sure thing, this hints at a free-to-play Dirty Bomb, a game set in a near-future London and with some locations faithfully recreated, as you can see in the first teaser trailer below.

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