District 187: Sin Streets fires into the streets on November 20

CJ Games Global today announced its anticipated free-to-play online first-person-shooter District 187 Sin Streets will officially launch on November 20, 2012. Following several months of beta testing, the entire game will be released, including the unveiling of ‘Street Fight’; the competitive, team vs. team game feature, allowing players to form clans and battle for territory control within the menacing streets of District 187.

Starting today, players can register for special beta access to ‘Street Fight,’ before the official launch of the game. A select few will be granted the opportunity to take to the streets, annihilate the competition and win prizes for their entire team, including the most coveted prize of all, bragging rights.

Street Fight beta begins Monday November 12, 2012. Players can sign up starting today through November 11th at http://www.District187.com.

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