District 187: Sin Streets in open beta with new maps

CJ Games Global today announced the open beta servers for its FPS, District 187: Sin Streets are now live. Open beta introduces three new maps and four new weapons. The new maps are:

– The Factory

A new Bomb mission map; players can detonate or defend within the confines of a once thriving factory, destroyed after the Worker's Revolution. Eyes in the back of your head recommended.

– The Sewers

Hunt. Kill. Repeat. Once a playground for the criminal underworld, the sewers of District 187 is now a battleground to chase and evade through maze like tunnels and water wells. Get sprayed by water or by bullets.

– SS Steuben

In the air, land and sea, corruption reigns. The SS Steuben, perceivably, a harmless, old cargo ship, is actually a vessel for drug and human trafficking. Rally allies, check every corner and pile up the kills before time runs out. Tip: Don't fall overboard.

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