District 187: Sin Streets launches with content update

CJ Games Global today announced the launch of its F2P first-person-shooter District 187: Sin Streets. After months of extensive beta testing, the free-to-play FPS unveils its full list of features, including the Street Fight clan system. The massive content update introduces more game modes, four maps, new weapons and the in-game cash shop.

New Maps and Modes:
Shanty Town (Boss Game Mode)
Shanty Town features the new Boss Mode: Wolf & Pig – SWAT and Gangsters go toe-to-toe to annihilate opposing bosses. Assume anything wearing a suit is to be killed on sight! Hint: Pig’s suit = SWAT boss. Wolf’s suit = Gangster boss.

Haven (Bomb Game Mode)
Set in a cozy, serene mountain town with ample parking day or night. This Bomb map brings the Street Fight to the Suburbs and will leave your enemies pleading for their lives.

Downtown (Bomb Game Mode)
Players should search for the unspeakable in this abandoned factory in the center of the city. The safety of precious evidence looms in the ability of teams to strategically carry out bomb detonation tactics.

The Slums (Night Bomb Game Mode)
Grab some flashlight modifications and have a fun-filled killing spree in the dark. The popular District 187: Sin Streets map turns out the lights, making even the most skilled players retool their plan of attack.

Other Updates:
Two new primary weapons will be available, including the AWM 300 high-destruction mobile sniper rifle and the lightweight, VZ Twin SMG, unleashing a fury of fire at a high rate of speed. In addition to the weapons, two new silencers, two new sights and a new flashlight have been added to round out the already robust gun customization capabilities.

The update also introduces the in-game cash shop featuring more than 20 items including new costume sets: the Rider’s Leather outfit for Gangsters and the GICN set for SWAT. Additionally players can purchase brand new Avatars: Mr. Mad for Gangsters and Jin for SWAT. To top it off Clan Marks are finally here with the new Change Clan Mark item!

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