DK Online (Dragon Knights) sorceress spotlight video

Aeria Games revealed new info for DK Online, a game that was initially revealed as Dragon Knights. Among the new assets the first class spotlight video showcasing the graceful yet devastating Sorceress was revealed.

The first in the series of DK Online’s class-spotlight videos, the Sorceress, has arrived alongside the full site launch. Players looking forward to wielding the Sorceress’ elemental magic will get a firsthand look at her spells and abilities, as well as a glimpse of the backstory behind the enigmatic spellcaster. The brand new gameplay footage shows off the Sorceress’s fire and ice spells in combat with a variety of monsters.

Information on the game’s other classes will also be showcased on the new website. Interested players can check out the Warrior, Shadowmage, and Paladin and get an early look at their bios, stats, and playable races, as well as the names and descriptions of each class’s combat skills.

DK Online’s vibrant, beautifully animated fantasy world is home to several unique and exciting features. PvP lovers will get their fill of titanic guild clashes in the dynamic Castle Siege mode, providing the victors valuable benefits such as the ability to levy lucrative vendor taxes on their vanquished foes. Players who enjoy PvE will find engaging quests to immerse themselves in the game’s deep lore, while taking advantage of the Transformation system to temporarily assume the shapes and abilities of the world’s various monsters.

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