Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMORPG is shutting down

If you're a big Doctor Who and videogames fan then you probably know about the existence of the free-to-play MMORPG Doctor Who: Worlds in Time. Developed by Three Rings, makers of Spiral Knights and Puzzle Pirates, it launched in March 2012 and is going to shut down on February 28th, 2014.

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time wasn't a bad game per se; it just didn't seem like it was the game that Doctor Who fans wanted to play, veering more towards a younger audience through its cartoon graphics and different kinds of puzzles such as lockpicking, hacking and other stuff that could be featured in any other puzzle game… or in Puzzle Pirates, for that matter. Doctor Who has so much material for a solid MMORPG but Worlds in Time's approach isn't the right one; it could benefit from a more mature look, more involving puzzles and some mysterious places to explore.

What would your Doctor Who dream MMORPG look like?

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