Dragon Knights announced, expect dragons… and knights

Aeria Games just announced a new free-to-play action MMORPG called Dragon Knights. Even if the title is possibly the most unoriginal ever and the fantasy setting looks a lot like other games, Dragon Knights is looking the part and that’s the most important thing in our book.

The tale is about the emergent threat of the spiteful dragon Kharvag. The Dragon Knights order defeated him centuries ago but now he’s back for round two in the world of Litos, a colorful landscape for players to explore and fight within. Besides the main story, Dragon Knights also offers a PvP element and guild wars with castle sieges.

Being a Dragon Knight has some advantages, including the chance to transform into the shape of monsters that they encounter in the game or the election system where players may vote on their peers to elect them to influential positions such as Cardinal and Emperor.

The closed beta registration for Dragon Knights is open at http://dragonknights.aeriagames.com.

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