Dragonheir: Silent Gods releases today, new ARPG from Marvel Snap devs

Dragonheir: Silent Gods release

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is the new open-world RPG from Nuverse, makers of the acclaimed collectible card game Marvel Snap. With over three million pre-registrations and some considerable excitement over the game's potential, it is now launching today, September 19, on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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Here are the main features of Dragonheir: Silent Gods:

Non-Linear Open World Exploration – Embark on epic quests and explore universes ruled by the tyrannic dragon in more than 80 hours of rich story content by defeating your enemies, solving puzzles and exploring, with more to come after launch in the form of a seasonal model. Chart a course across the magical world of Adenthia comparable in size to the continent of Europe.

Strategic Combat – Engage with a semi-strategic combat system that encourages adventurer synergy. Dragonheir’s combat  combines auto-battle with careful planning and usage of your adventurers’ special skills to defeat your enemies. Recruit more than 200 adventurers in the open world and during the main questline, each with their own set of abilities, professions, battle traits and element types. Build groups of up to five adventurers with 20 races available in the game, and utilise the environment to your advantage during combat.

Intricate Crafting System – Make sure your fellow adventurers have all they need to become legend as you gather materials and craft new weapons, armour and consumables to further enhance you and your party’s power. Set up your very own camp and prepare for the journey ahead.

Cutting Edge Mobile Experience – Dragonheir: Silent Gods features cutting-edge technology on mobile, including features such as Spatial Audio and Refresh Rate Adaptation to maximise the enjoyment of playing the game on the go.

You can check the official website for all the download links and more information.

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