Dragons and Titans launches, over 600,000 players

Wyrmbyte announced the official launch of the studio's inaugural title, Dragons and Titans, which has attracted over 600,000 players worldwide since beginning its open beta on May 1. Dragons and Titans is now on Steam Greenlight. To play this free-to-play MOBA on Facebook click here.

The Dragons and Titans launch includes several new features and mechanics, such as:

– Competitive Seasons – Leaderboards have been added, with Season 1 running July 1st until September 30th. The Top 100 players from each season will receive an exclusive avatar for their dragons.
– Hephaestus' Forge – Allows players to create deadlier weapons, adding DPS increases, mana cost reduction, and cooldown reductions. Forge upgraded weapons will also have an killer molten glow when used in battle.
– Rune Combiner – Combine three of the same rune to make a more powerful version of that rune, or combine three different runes to make random rune of the same level.
– New Dragons/Weapons – 22 dragons and 22 weapons make for over 450 different character combinations each match.
– Improved Matchmaking and Pre-select Mode – Matchmaking has been improved to make it easier for friends to play together, and pre-select mode lets gamers choose a dragon/weapon combo prior to the match starting to ensure they get to use their favorite weapon and dragon.

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