Dragon’s Call 2 Systems added

This western-styled game had scheduled server maintenance on December 20th from 1:00 am to 2:30 am EST in all of their servers. With this maintenance they added two new systems, the first is a Colosseum. A brand new PVE system that provides a new and interesting way for players to gain reputation and honor, once players reach level 15 they can enter the Colosseum and challenge powerful bosses that are unlike the ones they have become familiar with. These new powerful bosses are now demonized and endowed with evil powers.

The Second new system is a land of Chaos, located on the southwest of the Pandar Prairie. This land is full of disorder and new creatures, creatures so weird that they are beyond description. Enemies here are more powerful than before. And hidden amongst this corrupted land is the soul of Great Dragon.

When adventurers start their long journey they are interrupted by the legendary Ring Knight. When Tribe guards return with tale of a new enemy and creepy spiritism, it leads to the dragons cursed boneyard where players are forced to take weapons and face the unknown to find and destroy the Resurgent Evil Dragon.

With these new system additions there were also many others new patches which you can find here at the official website.

To compensate players for any inconvenience caused by the servers being down, the developers offered  200 Reputation and 50K gold for servers 1,3 and 5, for severs 2 and 6 they offered 200AP and 500K gold , and for server 450AP and 100K gold was offered. In order to redeem your reward players simple have to log into the game.

Sounds like a good deal to me. Happy playing!

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