Drakensang Online: 1st anniversary, 10 million players, celebrate!

Drakensang Online has surpassed ten million registered players worldwide since the game’s launch one year ago. To celebrate the milestone coinciding with the title’s first anniversary, Bigpoint is giving away a powerfulskill of Ancient Wisdom to all players who registered for the game’s newsletter, followed by a series of community-oriented competitions.

Within the past year, Drakensang Online has received massive content updates including the introduction of a third character class (Ranger Class), PvP mode, pet and mounts, talent tree and crafting, teleportation feature, Norseland and Loxley Caverns map expansion, and vast new regions to explore in the recent Atlantis update. The game has quadrupled the amount of gaming content available since its open beta launch with hundreds of new levels, quests, monsters, bosses, skills, weapons and armor.

The development schedule for the upcoming year includes more weekly updates, new in-game features, fresh content releases, and the premiere of a fourth character class.

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