Drakensang Online: new Ranger class and more before Christmas

Drakensang Online, the successful free-to-play action MMORPG from Bigpoint, already garnered nearly 2 million registered users and is about to get a massive content update.

Criticized for launching with just two classes, the third class is about to be released: the Ranger. Rangers are very agile archers, but also pack a punch. The Rangers will be accompanied by a whole new skill system that makes skills easier and better to use, and significantly improves gameplay.

The NORLANDE expansion update brings several new quests, more than a dozen new levels, numerous monsters and champions, new bosses, and new character items and equipment to the game.

In the coming months, the number of skills in each class will double – also, higher level players will have access to Skill Trees that will be implemented. This will really allow players to individualize and customize their characters and player styles.

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